Profitt Report: Give your lawn some TLC this spring

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Now that the weather is finally cooperating, your lawn could probably use some attention! To avoid wasting time and money, you’ll want to take the right steps at the right times.

“After coming out of winter, you're going to want to thatch your yard first before doing anything,” said Chris Walls at the Lowe’s store in Flint Township.

Thatch is all that brown, dead stuff. Dethatching means getting it out of your lawn.

“Just take a metal tine rake and you just rake it up. No reason for anything, major equipment like that, just old-fashioned raking,” Walls said.

Next, tackle crab grass before it grows in. A combination yard fertilizer and crab grass preventer is a good choice says Don Mandeville, district manager at Home Depot.

“It will also green up your yard, fertilize your yard, but the only time you can really kill crab grass is right in the spring once it starts growing. It's very, very difficult to kill after that,” he said.

Another pest: grubs! They’ll gnaw at your lawn and kill it, but they also attract another common lawn problem: moles.

“Moles are after the grubs and they end up tearing up your yard. If you're able to get rid of the grubs, that'll stop the moles from entering your yard,” Mandeville said.

You can try to catch grubs now before they hatch with a grub control product.

Now’s also a good time to tune up your lawn mower and make sure it’s in good shape.

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