Profitt Report: Fireside Coffee Co. looking to jump-start your morning, local economy

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Raise your hand if you can't start your morning without a cup of coffee. You're in good company if so, more than 60 percent of us drink coffee every day according to the National Coffee Association. One local coffee company hopes their java will jump start your day and our economy.

You may have tried Fireside Coffee without even knowing it. They’ve been distributing to stores, restaurants and cafés for a while but recently decided it’s time to connect one-on-one with the community.

“We grind it right then so you're getting the very freshest cup,” said Angie Root, vice president of sales and marketing at Fireside Coffee Co.

While Fireside Coffee Co. has been selling their coffee, cocoa and mocha mixes since 1988, they recently opened a café on Elms Road in Swartz Creek. They take great care selecting and roasting their beans.

“Our Honduran beans are bought direct from the farmers in Honduras, our roaster actually goes there a few times a year and he knows them personally. We have a really good relationship with them,” Root said.

How they roast each bean is carefully considered and how they grind it will give you a different flavor. You won’t find traditional drip machines at the Fireside café, either: they use a pour-over technique.

“Coffee brewing is a lot more than just throwing together water and coffee and seeing what comes out,” Root said, “depending on how you brew, it affects the flavor of the coffee.”

Root said her mother started Fireside as a hobby and never intended it to be her livelihood.

“My mom started Fireside in our home in 1988,” Root said, "making… mocha mixes and cocoa and things like that and she was giving them as gifts at Christmas time.”

They were a hit with her friends and a side-business was born.

“Soon local businesses started approaching her, asking if they could carry her products,” Root said.

Fireside moved to their Swartz Creek location in the early 1990s where it’s still growing today. Root said partnering with other local, small businesses has been the secret to their success.

“Really having a student mentality and taking as much information as you can, everyone can learn something new everyday,” Root said.

Fireside Coffee Co. sells in stores across the country. To learn where you’ll find their coffee and mixes, please click here.

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