Profitt Report: Check your memberships for hidden perks

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You know why you signed up for memberships – for example, Amazon Prime offers free two-day shipping and AAA offers towing services. However, you might be losing out on discounts and freebies if you’re not looking at the whole membership.

These discounts and coupons aren’t necessarily hidden, but they aren’t usually the primary reason we sign up for the membership in the first place, so we forget to use them.

Starting with AAA: they offer towing and roadside services and hotel discounts. However, did you know they offer a free identity protection service?

“There’s a basic level which is free, then there’s an enhanced level which is for a small nominal fee, less than $10 a month,” said Marcus Haynes, regional director for AAA in Flint Township.

Another lesser known AAA perk: prescription discounts.

“You can show that prescription savings card and they will offer you discounts on your prescription medication,” Haynes said.

Haynes said a AAA membership will cost you $52-116 per year depending on what kind of towing distance you’re looking for. Additional family members pay a bit less.

Next, let’s look at AARP. They offer prescription medication discounts too, which you might expect. However, they also offer deals at restaurants such as Outback Steakhouse and Dunkin’ Donuts, along with discounts on pet insurance and UPS.

AARP is $12 your first year, $16 dollars after that with a free second member.

Another membership you should look at more thoroughly: Amazon Prime. Besides free two-day shipping, you get free unlimited photo storage. You can borrow books and read them for free through the Kindle lending library, and you get a free music streaming service.

Amazon Prime will cost you $99 a year and you can share benefits with your family for free.

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