PODs close, Flint family still struggling

A Flint family shares the current struggles they are facing, involving the water crisis. (Jesse Gonzales)

It's just a day after the water distribution pods permanently closed in Flint, but residents said they are still having issues with their water.

FOX66/ NBC25 News reporter Amanda Chodnicki talked with one family, shining light on their "normal" almost four years into the water crisis.

She talked with 12-year-old Broghan MacIntyre of Flint, who is just your average young girl.

She reads and hangs out with her friends; however, she's also living through a water crisis.

"I still act like my life is normal... just... it's not," she said.

For example, every day after her shower, she has a routine where she puts on two to three lotions.

"I use one of these, which is calamine lotion that stops the itching," Broghan said.

This is her normal.

It's a lengthy process, but she said, it does the job.

"Our service lines and our mains I believe have been replaced," Broghan's mom, Laura, said.

Even though their block has been worked on, Laura said they're still having issues.

"That's when we started seeing discoloration in the water," she said. "It started to smell funny again."

Unfortunately, Laura said her family has to shower and wash their clothes in this water.

"We take advantage of any opportunity to do laundry outside, to shower outside of the house," she said. "But unfortunately after four years, that's just a fact of life."

The MacIntyre's used the pods to stock up on bottled water to drink and wash their food.

Now that the pods are closed, the family is forced to find other means.

Laura said she will do what she can to continue to provide clean drinking water for her children because she said they still can't trust the tap.

In the meantime, Laura said they plan to get assistance from local churches that have stepped up to help after the state pulled out.

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