Pet care experts, owners concerned about cold snap

Another round of subzero temperatures are scattered across mid Michigan.

But humans aren't the only ones who feel the dangerous effects.

On frigid days dog parks are barren, and neighborhoods are nearly empty. Unless you're Forrest Whitman with his Bichon Frise, Benjamin Franklin.

“He likes to go out every day for a couple walks at least,” Forrest said.

Benjamin doesn't let the cold temperatures stop him from going outside, leaving Forrest to look out for signs it's time to turn around.

“He sometimes tells me when he's cold, because he will pick up one foot and the other foot so he lets me know when he's cold.

Cold paws aren't the only things to worry about. Yasmin Adams, the owner of Yasmin's Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Care says to look out for salt and antifreeze.

“You want to be wiping their feet off when they come back inside to remove all that residue and just be conscientious that you don't want to leave them outside,” she said.

She says if you're cold, so is your pet. And when the temperatures are this low, never leave it outside.

“A lot of people have faith that animals feel differently than we do but cold hot those are all pretty basic and they suffer the same ailments we do,” she said.

A couple more tips: Yasmin says pets, especially ones with shorthair, should have coats on.

And watch out for that wind chill, because it can burn animals.

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