Old St. Mary’s High School set to be torn down next month

The St. Mary's High School building in Mr. Morris is set to be torn down in June. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Since 1927, the St. Mary’s High School building in Mt. Morris has seen thousands of students from nearly every grade walk the halls. But the building sits empty now, so the Lansing Diocese will be paying for the building to be torn down. The building was last home to high school student in 1973, and up until three years ago there were kindergarten and first grade students. Those classes were consolidated into a new building, and the demolition won’t impact any classes. Father Thomas Nenneau says tearing down the building will leave a hole in the community.

“People in this community have walked or driven by this building since 1927. I never went to school here but it will be sad to see it go,” Nenneau says.

You can take a piece of the historic school house home with you. All of the items currently in the school will be up for sale starting Saturday, May 20. The sale will last from 10 A.M. until 4 P.M. Everything from computers to old school desks have a price tag. You can also purchase some of the items on line through here.

Demolitions is scheduled to begin during the second week of June.

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