North End Soup Kitchen hosts Christmas dinner


Christmas morning is finally here.

Now hundreds in need are getting ready to flock to the North End Soup Kitchen in Flint for a Christmas dinner.

The Christmas spirit is about so much more than just gifts.

It's also about helping those less fortunate.

Now the Christmas Spirit is already alive here at the North End Soup Kitchen for their annual Christmas dinner.

The North End Soup Kitchen in Flint will come alive with the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

“It's a happy day,” says a cook Julie Carpenter.

Julie Carpenter is just one person cooking dinner for up to 500 people who don't have anywhere else to go.

“It's hectic it's confusing sometimes, because we get a lot of people but they seem to enjoy the meal. They come and they leave smiling,” she said.

People in need will get a ham dinner with all the trimmings. Both adults and kids will also walk away with clothes and gifts donated by the community.

“They're excited to go upstairs to see Santa and come down some will go upstairs first and then come down and have their gifts. I like feeding the people,” she said.

John Manse, the Director Of Community Services, says all of this giving wouldn't happen without the help of 80 volunteers.

“So many of them want to come out and do so much for the community. And because of them we have this big event going on so it's, because of the volunteers that allow us to do what we want,” John said.

If you're in need of a dinner, it starts at 11 on December 25, 2017 and goes until one.

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