Neighbors rush to help man badly burned after propane explosion in Richfield Township

Propane explosion badly injures one man in Richfield Township. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WEYI)

The Davison-Richfield Fire Department responded to reports of a propane explosion in the basement of a home on Sunrise Lane Tuesday afternoon. Davison Richfield Fire Department Captain Brian Flewelling says a man working on the home went into the basement to start a propane heater when the explosion happened.

“There had been some type of leak with the propane, something possibly was left on. The basement had filled with propane, as well as some of the sewer pipes in the area. When he tried to light a heater down there, it all caught fire,” Flewelling says.

Ed Strange lives just a few doors down from the home and rushed down the street to help once he heard the explosion. Strange says he say a man coming out of the home still on fire, then helped to put him out.

“The whole neighborhood shook when it happened. I came outside and say a man walking outside from the front door, still on fire. Most of his clothes were blown off. And his exposed skin was severely burned but he remained calm. He is one of the toughest guys I’ve ever seen,” Strange says.

The force of the blast blew heavy manhole covers in the air, and shot water out of the toilets in nearby homes.

The worker was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries, his condition is not known.

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