MSU president search to be confidential, students react

    Students react to the news that the MSU presidential search will be confidential. (Jesse Gonzales)

    Many in the Michigan State University community are outraged after learning the search for the next president will be confidential.

    This announcement comes just days after former MSU President Lou Anna Simon was arraigned on charges tied to the Larry Nassar scandal.

    Simon is accused of lying to police in regards to the investigation.

    Kat Ebert, an MSU student and Nassar abuse survivor, said she has had enough.

    "It feels like I'm running in place. "I've done all this stuff to help to try to make change on this campus and it feels like I'm not going anywhere."

    Her latest disappointment is a letter from the MSU Presidential Search Committee that states the search for the school's next president will be confidential.

    "Not really that surprise," she added. "Just very frustrated."

    Ebert is not alone.

    Many other students share in her sentiment, including Ben Horne, who serves on student government.

    "There's very little faith in the board of trustees at this moment," Horne said.

    While MSU held 22 community input sessions, student said they want to be involved in the actual selection as well.

    They said it all goes back to the lack of trust.

    "We don't know what they're going to ask," Horne said. "Who the candidates are."

    A total of 19 people sit on the committee that will appoint the next president and decide the fate of MSU.

    Only one of which is a student.

    As for what kind of president these students think MSU needs.

    "To be frank, a person," Horne said. "Not a set of experiences. We need the right person."

    Other students said they need someone who recognizes what the school has gone through the past year-and-a-half and understands the campus is still healing.

    "It feels like MSU needs a mom," Ebert said. "We need a mom and not Lou Anna... nothing like Lou Anna."

    According to the website, trustees are hoping to have a new president in place by June.

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