Novi girl plays role on FOX's Empire

Leah Jeffries with actress, Kaitlyn Doubleday who plays Rhonda Lyon on Empire.

Leah Jeffries, 6, is a Novi native and she's landed herself a role on the hit FOX TV show, Empire, appearing in several episodes during the show's first season.

Jeffries plays Lola Lyon on the show. She was once presumed the daughter of Jamal Lyon, but was later presumed the daughter of his father, Lucious Lyon. On the April 20th show, where she returned for Season 2, Lucious Lyon revealed to the family, neither he nor his son are the father to Lola, instead, her father is someone else all together. Jeffries' role is part of the juicy plot-line.

Jeffires loves to sing, dance, act and is a regular spit-fire. Her ambition as an actress is supported by her mother, also named, Leah Jeffries.

Watch FOX66 News' Sadie Hughes talk to Leah and her mom about their experience with the hit show.

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