Mid-Michigan digs out after snowstorm

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Whether it was with a shovel, snow blower, or plow, everyone was busy on Thursday digging out after the first snow storm of the season.

"It's all or nothing, when we get our seven, eight, nine inches that we've gotten, the phone rings off the hook. Other than that you don't hear from nobody you know. It's feast or famine,” explained Michael Johnson, who owns a snow plow business in Birch Run.

Johnson says his friends who also clear snow worked sixteen to eighteen hours straight.

"Snow plowing's been crazy, I've had seven or eight calls the last probably two and a half hours, maybe even more calls, can't answer the phone quick enough," said Johnson.

"We're really excited we love just coming outside playing with our dogs in the snow, having school off it's our favorite, we love it," explained Ellie Alvord, who was shoveling snow in Birch Run.

Two kids who enjoyed a snow day decided to put their free time to good use.

"Our dad's actually at work right now so we thought we'd surprise him and shovel for him," explained Alvord.

"I think it's awesome, we do it every year, as soon as the big snow hits and we get our first snow day,” said Cody Hoornstra, who was sledding with his younger brother TJ.

Kids at Hoyt Park in Saginaw decided to grab their sleds.

"It's a nice day out to go sledding," said Rian Bourbina.

"We're excited, we love it. The first time we get to get out here and go sledding. We'll take any snow day we can get," exclaimed Kourney Bourbina, a parent who is also a teacher.

She soaked up every minute of family time on the sledding hill.

"It's something you never get back once the kids grow up, it's a lot of fun, it's the first thing we thought of last night when we got the phone call to get our sleds and get out here and get in what we can because you never know in Michigan how long it's going to last," explained Kourtney Bourbina.

Once he's done with work, Johnson says he can't wait to join the winter fun.

"I love it, my wife loves it, my daughters love it. So we like to go sledding, play in it, go snowmobiling stuff like that, so we love the snow we don't mind it,” said Johnson.

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