Medical marijuana "park" breaks ground in Chesaning

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    CHESANING, Mich. - As proposal one was given the green light across our state by Michigan voters on Tuesday, a new medical marijuana project has rolled out in mid-Michigan Wednesday.

    It may look like a vacant field right now, but soon it will transform into a 40-acre medical marijuana facility...or "park" as the developers call it.

    “It's going to be split up in to 7 individual lots and then on the property there is going to be indoor medical marijuana cultivation sites and processing,” said Andrew Mastrino.

    Just a few years ago Mastrino, a member of “The Chesaning Group" who spearheaded this project, came up with the idea.

    He says not only is Chesaning the perfect location to hash out a medical marijuana site, but...

    “You're having some of the best growers in Michigan all located here centrally and some of the best processors located right here in the central part of Michigan,” Mastrino stated.

    Which he says made today's groundbreaking ceremony that much more exhilarating.

    But why build a medical marijuana facility in Chesaning in the first place?

    Village President Joseph Sedlar who backs this project says it will generate revenue back in the community and it will create a lot of jobs.

    “With the amount of jobs that this 40-acre development is going to produce, how can you turn it away? I mean Michigan needs all the job they can get,” said Sedlar.

    And while the exact deadline of when this project will be up and running is unclear right now, Mastrino does say development of the lots will be done in June and the buildings will be up shortly after that.

    “This is great, we have a great community here, the people that have surrounded us have been fantastic and the village has been fantastic,” said Mastrino.

    While proposal one passed that will legalize recreational pot, marijuana for medical use has been a law in Michigan since 2008 and the two laws will be regulated differently.

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