Local Family In Need Gets Free Van

Flint grandmother, Theresa Carrell, says she is on disability and a fixed income. (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

FLINT, Mich.

Flint grandmother, Theresa Carrell, says she is on disability and a fixed income. She says when she was rear-ended in a car crash, that made her financial problems worse.

"I didn't know how long it would be before I would get a vehicle. I knew I would get behind on my bills to try and get a vehicle and I had just finally got caught up" she says.

She says her van could not be repaired.

"The door won't shut. It's partially shut now. I got it a little bit shut. I took some gorilla duck tape and tried to band-aid it all together so I could drive it. But the front seats were also broke."

Carrell says the man who hit her didn't have car insurance. She says she only carried the minimum insurance because it was all she could afford and her insurance wouldn't cover the damage.

She says because she was on disability and a fixed income she had to rely on friends and family for rides. She says she lost freedom and quality time with her family.

"My children and grandchildren, we would all fit in it. I value that time since that's my joy."

Carrell went to Joels Carz in Flushing to buy a similar van but she didn't have enough money.

Salesperson Eric Parks says he felt empathetic towards Carrell's situation. He says he talked to his manager and co-workers and they decided to give her the van for free.

"If we could just help somebody out and give to the community its our way of saying thanks."

Carrell picked up her car on Friday. She says she is incredibly grateful.

"Thank you. thank you. thank you so much."

Joels Carz say they want to continue helping families who need it during the holiday season. They want to adopt two families this holiday season. Workers say if your family needs help with food, clothing or shelter, write them on Facebook. They will select the two families before Christmas.

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