Investing in your home? Saginaw County family is up for the challenge

    The 51st annual Home Builders Association Home Show made its way to Central Michigan University this weekend drawing in homeowners from all across the state. (PHOTO: Alysia Burgio)

    MT. PLEASANT, Mich. - 2013 was a big year for Emily Phillips and her family. It's the year they bought a home in Merrill, which is in Saginaw County.

    Since then, they've been re-modeling and have already done quite a few projects. But now, they plan to revamp...

    “Windows and redo our deck and then landscaping too at some point this summer,” said Phillips.

    Phillips says she and her family come to the Home Show at CMU every year for fresh ideas and honest input.

    “We actually found a realtor and she pointed us in the right direction because we’re not looking to sell, we’re just looking to remodel,” Phillips stated.

    Jeff Zettel works for a home construction company called DeShano Companies. He says building a home or remodeling is a slow and tedious process.

    “They’re going to look for a builder that they can trust and deal with first before they even start bringing plans in,” Zettel stated.

    This time of year, is typically one of the busiest. In fact, Zettel says his company builds about 20 residential homes a year when temperatures start to heat up. And he expects that trend to continue.

    “I anticipate from what we have right now ready to get started on and build and the interest we’ve had from people over the last couple months, we’re looking at a very similar year to last year and hopefully we’ll gain a few more home starts,” said Zettel.

    And as far as tips he recommends future homeowners should keep in mind:

    “Don’t think about price per square foot, ask the builders for a home with similar amenities to what you’re wanting,” Zettel stated.

    If you couldn't make it out to the home show, but are interested in getting more information, click here.

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