Here's what the millennial generation should know about retirement

Photo credit: MGN

Financial advisors say depending on a pension or social security for retirement is history.

Sarah Dickey admits she didn't think too much about retirement until she got married. Sarah's sister- in-law, Sharon Grinestaff, is a financial advisor. She said as soon as you enter the workforce, you should put 10 percent of your paycheck away. Save even more if you haven't yet done so.

Dickey came around to that thinking. However, a recent report from the National Institute on Retirement Security shows two thirds of millennials have nothing saved for retirement.

Our next tip, look for a side gig.

Millennials' money, Grinestaff said, is stretched so thin. Watch where the money goes. On big expenses and, especially, the small ones.

Last, seek out advice and guidance.

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