Flyer has Saginaw families worried about human trafficking

Flyer has Saginaw families worried about human trafficking

A card advertising a job opportunities has some families in Saginaw worried it is a human trafficking scam.

The CEO of the Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority sent out a letter to the organization and various partners.

According to the letter, a client left its Hancock Street location and was walking in the Save -A-Lot grocery store parking lot across the street.

The letter claims a job recruiter gave the client $100 and told them they would be paid $100 per day to collect voter signatures.

The letter says the recruiter allegedly told the client they were needed in Ohio and would be put in a hotel for six months.

The CEO called this a "scheme to recruit vulnerable people into human trafficking."

We called the person listed on the card and they said it was not a human trafficking scam. He didn't give his name but says it was a legitimate job opportunity.

Saginaw County Sheriff Bill Federspiel says they are investigating but at this point, he hasn't found anything linking it to human trafficking.

"We haven't found any documentation to suggest someone's using a tool like that," he says. "Human traffickers don't necessarily drive through a parking lot and grab a hold of somebody," Sheriff Federspiel continues.

Angela Aday from Underground Railroad agrees. She says traffickers usually establish relationships and look for the vulnerable.

"The traffickers main job is to get to know what the vulnerability is," she says.

Aday says less than three percent of reported human trafficking is connected to anything like what is described in the letter.

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