Flint millennial fighting gun violence after death of his father

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    A young man is on a mission to curb gun violence in Flint.

    Last year tragedy hit home for 24-year-old Joseph Pettigrew and his family when his father Sidney Pettigrew Jr. was killed in a daytime shooting at The Rock Center Gym in Flint.

    It happened May 1. 2018.

    Now he's fighting back.

    "I was aware of it but I wasn't conscious of the issue until it actually affected me," says Pettigrew".

    Pettigrew says gun violence doesn't just affect him and his family, it affects the community.

    "You're committing that crime and its affecting the community. You're not just affected; the whole entire community and community members are affected by it in ways that they won't know," says Pettigrew.

    Now, he's on a mission to do something about it.

    "My end goal for this is to save lives, at the end of the day, I know we can't save all lives but if we get the numbers down year by year that's the main goal," says Pettigrew.

    He's working with the Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence to start a Flint chapter.

    "I feel like everybody deserves to be protected, they deserve to live an excellent life no matter what color you are, race you are, anything of that nature," says Pettigrew.

    His goal include pushing gun reform legislation and pulling together all of the resources the community has to offer including the police, city government and most importantly millenials.

    But Pettigrew says its start with accountability.

    "It's going to take people to acknowledge it first to actually acknowledge it and go beyond this person died with condolences prayers and everything like that. It's going to take people to realize that more people are going to die if you don't do anything about it. Until they realize that and get that idea in your mind I feel like that crime rate will still be high," says Pettigrew.

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