First school board meeting since Confederate flag controversy at local high school

Monday night was the first time the school board held a meeting since the Confederate flag controversy at Western High School. (WEYI/WSMH)

Bay City Public Schools is working to move forward after the district received national attention last week when students displayed Confederate flags in front of Western High School.

Many had strong feelings on both sides.

This included students who thought displaying the Confederate flag was their right and those who were hurt by its presence and the racial tension, they believe, the flag created.

Monday evening was the first time the school board met since the incident, so many were expecting a jam-packed meeting.

But that wasn't the case.

The board went on with its normal business following the two-day demonstration, where trucks flew both the American and Confederate flags.

No students or parents voiced their concerns at the meeting; however, the board's vice president spoke out.

He asked for the resolution surrounding discrimination to be read at the next board meeting in May.

"I want the people of Bay City to realize that the Bay City Public Schools, the board of education does not condone any type of discrimination," the VP Gene Rademacher said. "I think every once in a while you have to reinforce what's going on in your schools, tell people that your school is safe and your district is moving forward."

The superintendent Dr. Stephen Bigelow said the administration is still working with local organizations to come into the school and further educate students on racism.

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