Family who's adopted 4 children shares advice

Photo Credit: Herron Family

SAGINAW, Mich. -- Between homework, diapers, life at the Herron household can get pretty chaotic.

"They keep our live full and busy and exciting," says mom Amber Herron. "Every day is an adventure and we never know what they’re going to do or what they’re going to bring into the house."

Jonathan and Amber are high school sweethearts. When they decided to start a family, they turned to adoption.

"We’ve always had a heart for adoption, all the way back to when we were dating," says dad Jonathan Herron.

Through the years, they have adopted Josiah, Ainsleigh, Seth and the newest addition, baby Levi.

For families looking adopt, the Herrons know the process can be daunting.

"At first we were overwhelmed, kind of scared, but slowly through education and talking with the adopting agency we just learned that not only is there a huge need but what a rewarding and awesome experience it can be," says Jonathan.

"There is a lot involved but it is in the best interest to serve the child," says Jennifer Jaworski who works for Adoption Associates. She has helped place the Herron's three youngest children.

"We’re in need of families," says Jaworski. "We want to help couples become parents through adoption and fully prepare them for what that process is like."

"Usually it’s not what your planning for or what you expect but it’s exactly the right child and the right situation," says Amber.

As they adjust to life with four children, the Herrons say they have not ruled out another adoption.

"I don’t know," says Jonathan. "Its something we’re talking about, praying about. We just want to make sure if we get the green like we’re ready for something like that. It’s a big life change."

Currently, there is a need for domestic adoption here in the US.

If you’d like to learn more about the adoption process or are considering adoption visit Adoption Associates.

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