Drivers prepare for busy Thanksgiving roads

Travelers are ready to hit the road for Thanksgiving 2017 [readrate:13]

AAA projects 45 and a half million people planned for a road trip for Thanksgiving 2017.

Kristin Krawczak will travel locally to see family, but still worries about who else is on the road.

“It gets pretty packed around town sometimes like State Street especially getting in and out of places everyone’s in a hurry it's pretty crazy sometimes,” she said.

She doesn't just look out around town, but on the highway too.

“Watch everyone's behavior and check all my mirrors if I'm changing lanes and give everyone a lot of time and make sure everyone stays safe,” she said.

Kristin's not the only one who's on edge during top travel days. Donald Pussehl, the Police Chief of Saginaw Township has his own concerns, especially since his officers will be out patrolling too.

“If you're driving we encourage you please don't be distracted by the cell phones or doing something inside the vehicle watch out for others not being as attentive as you are,” he said.

Chief Pussehl hopes travelers remember to drive safely.

“Get to their destination and enjoy a pleasant Happy Thanksgiving with their family and friends without having any negative consequences like being involved in an accident,” Chief Pussehl said.

Chief Pussehl says to leave early if you're driving.

And be prepared to slow down, and give yourself room between the other cars on the road.

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