Dramatic shift in temperatures makes road clean-up difficult

Salt truck drivers go out to work on the roads following this week's warm-up. (Photo credit: Brandon Palevich)

The warm-up didn't last for long.

The cold weather is back and so are the salt trucks.

The dramatic shift in temperatures made it difficult for those working to clear up the roads, according to the Genesee County Road Commission.

Supervisor Ron Latimer said his guys and girls have been out on the roads all day and night, working longer hours than usual because of the challenges that came with this shift.

For 12 years, Scott Coughlin has been salting the roads in Genesee County.

"Everybody needs to get from point A to B," he said. "We're out here just trying to make the roads safe for them."

Coughlin said while it can be a dangerous job, it can also be a rewarding one.

"I guess the best part of my job is to make sure the roads are safe, not only for the public, but also for my family," he added.

On days like today, where we went from quite the warm-up to colder temperatures, Latimer said it posed a number of challenges for his drivers.

"Temperatures start dropping, you got a lot of rain," he said. "So with the temperatures and the warm temperatures of the pavement, you've basically got a recipe for ice."

Coughlin said there was also a lot of wind.

"Yeah, you can go through and scrap it off and salt it down and come back through and it's like you hadn't even done nothing with the wind coming across the road," he said.

It hasn't been the best combination, but it's one he said they're continuing to fight.

"I'm sure we'll be out bright and early tomorrow," he said.

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