Cub Scout recruiting event in Saginaw County welcomes girls

    Cub Scout recruiting event took place at Carrollton Middle School (Photo from Jesse Gonzales)

    CARROLLTON, Mich - Boys and girls filled Carrollton Middle School for the first of it's kind recruitment night for the cub scouts.

    "For the first time ever we can serve both girls and boys in our cub scout program," said Jon Wilson from the Boy Scouts of America.

    Wilson says this policy change is all about allowing equal opportunity for kids and their family.

    "It also helps them make a choice they can do scouting on one night as a family and that's why we made the transisition to serve all youth no matter their gender race age or sexual orientation, scouting is about everyone, said Wilson.

    Ansley Bedore calls herself a pioneer, she's one of the first girls to join the cub scouts.

    "They told me i was going to learn to rock climb, if i did the funding for popcorn i was going to win prizes and a badge, which i thought was pretty cool," said Bedore.

    Not a lot will change when it comes to the activities.

    "The scouts are put into dens, you will have an all boy den and an all girl den, and the curriculum for the first grade group is the same so the boys work on the same thing and the boys work on the same thing they are just in dfferent dens," said Wilson.

    Parents who have boys signing up for the scouts we talked to don't see a problem with girl's joining.

    "They are going to have to work together eventually why not do it now, especially in this environment where they can grow and learn," said Lakesha Macon.

    The Girl Scouts aren't going anywhere.

    "I want to start with cub scouts and if i don't like it i'm going to girl scouts," said Bedore.

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