Company responsible for Miami bridge looking to work on Bay City bridges


The company that designed the bridge that collapsed in Miami Thursday, killing at least six people, is part of the same company proposing to build a new bridge in Bay City.

Many residents are concerned and believe the city needs to go in a different direction.

Some people, like Mandy Hibbler of Bay City, don't like bridges to begin with.

"I tense up," Hibbler said.

After Thursday's catastrophe, where a pedestrian bridge collapsed in Miami, killing at least six, the fear for some is even greater.

"Oh, that would definitely intensify my fear of going over a bridge," she said.

But what many resident are really afraid of is the fact that same company who built the bridge in Miami may be building a bridge here in Bay City.

"I'd have to say no, not a good idea," another resident said.

It is clear the Independence Bridge needs some fixing up, but residents said they don't want this firm to be the one to do it.

"It's a safety issue," Hibbler said. "Maybe our city should have done a little more of a background check."

FIGG Bridge Design is partnered with United Bridge Partners, the firm proposing to build a new Independence Bridge and make critical repairs to Liberty Bridge.

When NBC25/ FOX66 News asked what the company has to say to reassure Bay City residents following Thursday's disaster, we were sent the following statement:

“The Independence and Liberty Bridges in Bay City are in need of timely improvement and repair. A new, modern Independence Bridge and an enhanced Liberty Bridge would focus on the future of public safety for the numerous residents and visitors who use these bridges."

The rep went onto say in their 40-year history, they worked on more than 230 bridges in the U.S. and designed nearly 35 miles of bridges that have stood strong through multiple hurricanes.

But residents said this one accident should be enough for city leaders to reconsider the proposal.

"I think they have an obligation to," a resident said.

When the president of the Bay City Commissioners was asked if this is something they will reconsider, all he would say is the city has no contractual obligation with the company.

When I spoke with FIGG Bridge Group earlier, one thing they made sure to point out, was the company they worked with on the pedestrian bridge in Florida is not the same company they would be working with if they were to get to the contract to build the bridge in Bay City.

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