Classes canceled Tuesday at Kettering University following racist graffiti

Classes are cancelled Tuesday, March 13 at Kettering University after racist graffiti was found on campus. (Photo: Joel Feick/WEYI/WSMH)

FLINT, Mich. - Classes are canceled Tuesday, March 13 at Kettering University after racist graffiti was found on campus.

Despite class being canceled all students are required to attend a meeting to talk about it.

The associate dean of students at Kettering University says this involves two incidents, one on Thursday and other on Sunday.

One student says it's "ridiculous that someone would do such a thing as that".

According to students, racist graffiti was written on bathroom walls inside Thompson Hall.

The graffiti was posted on twitter. One includes the n-word.

The other calls out black students.

Students we talked with say this isn't indicative of campus life at the school.

"Maybe its a few students who just, ya know, just weren't brought up the right way and they had this predistinct (sic) notion that they're better than certain types of people and certainly the whole student body isn't like that," senior Kelin Lee said.

But on Twitter a member of a group that calls itself Black Student Support calls the responses of professors and students outright 'inconsiderate'.

Another posted on Twitter: "the nonchalance being displayed is totally unacceptable". 8 percent of all students on campus are African American.

The university is taking action.

The associate dean of students, L.B. McCune says "the staff has met with the students who were affected as well as their parents. Getting their perspective on what they want to do. We're also in the process of making accommodations for those who feel they no longer feel they can reside comfortably in the dorm . ".

City and Federal law enforcement are investigating to find out who did it.

The head of campus security, Paul Crane, says "the person could end up facing up to expulsion or suspension from school. as far as a legal standpoint I'll leave that up to the authorities.

Crane says they will step up campus security because of this. They've also set up an anonymous tip line at 810-762-9565.

Tuesday's mandatory campus meeting is closed to the public.

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