City of Flint may use $187,000 towards bills for some water customers


Flint City Council is weighing options on using some of the $750,000 it received from the Great Lakes Water Authority, and the State of Michigan, as part of the water deal signed last year. Flint City Councilman Eric Mays is proposing to use the money to help customers who were paying their estimated bills on time, but when they received a new water meter, the bill jumped by hundreds or thousands of dollars. Mays says it’s a problem that will get worse as the city replaces thousands of water meters in the coming years.

“There’s still thousands of people with an estimated bill. I anticipate this could be a much bigger problem. While we work on a long-term solution, at least we can help some people now,” Mays says.

Approximately 500 water customers who received a new meter in 2017 and were paying a bill that was estimated could qualify for the program. City officials will present a program to city council next week for approval.

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