Cheeseburger Fest expected to draw thousands to Caseville

The 20th Annual Cheeseburger Fest is expected to draw thousands to Caseville. (Jesse Gonzales)

For two decades, the small town of Caseville has drawn thousands of tourists.

City officials said the city has a population of about 800 year-round, but they estimate about 200,000 people to come through in the next 10 days for their 20th Annual Cheeseburger Festival.

This year 17 local businesses competed for the title of the best burger.

After 20 years of trying for it, Carl and Emily Witherspoon finally won.

"We were really going to give up and my husband said, 'Just one more time, please,'" Emily said. "And I said, 'OK'.... This really means a lot to us."

For them, it was about more than just the banner.

It was about receiving more business and having more people walk through their door.

"A lot of people when they come into town, they want that number one cheeseburger," Steve Louwers, the president of the Caseville Chamber of Commerce said.

The festival is just getting started.

It lasts until August 19.

You can find 'The Best Burger' at the M.Q.S. Pizza Express on Main Street.

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