Bangor Township schools threat deemed not credible, classes to resume Wednesday

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Wendesday, schools will be back open in Bangor Township, following an anonymous threat against John Glenn High School.

The threat forced the district to close all schools on Tuesday.

The Bay County Sheriff’s office says a student threatened to bring a gun to school. But what makes this investigation so difficult is that the threat was made using a social media app that allows the person to remain anonymous.

“People think they're staying anonymous or that that stuff doesn't leave a footprint but I think it’s really important that the public knows and the kids know that when they're using that stuff it does and it has some serious ramifications,” says Sheriff Troy Cunningham.

Sheriff Troy Cunningham says on Monday there was a fight between two students at John Glenn High School.

In a separate incident a student was expelled. Officers believe one of those incidents led to the threat.

'We were able to make contact with a couple of the people from last night and we got some of their computers their cellphones and some different devices that now we'll be in the process of going through,” says Cunningham.

He says the superintendent's decision to close school was due to timing.

"This came in kind of later in the day so they weren't sure and just to kind of air on the side of safety."

Critical Incident Manager Tom Mynsberge works with Bangor Township Schools to develop emergency plans.

"My portion is how do we make sure our schools are safe if we do have school to make sure they’re safe the kids can come there and work in an environment free of the threat,” says Mynsberge.

Mynsberge says you can never be too safe.

"There's more and more reports where we might have blown them off in the past or we might have not looked at them we're making sure every one is investigated, followed up with,” says Mynsberge.

Sheriff Cunningham is encouraging parents to have a conversation with their children about what is appropriate to say and do on social media.

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