Bangor Township residents return home after flooding caused evacuations

Residents in Bangor Township are returning home after the weekend storm caused shoreline flooding

Many residents in Bangor Township returned home after the weekend's storm caused heavy rain and winds leading to flooding.

The flooding caused the Bangor Township police and fire departments as well as the Bay County Sheriff's department to step in offering voluntary evacuations to any residents in Wenona Beach Estates who needed assistance.

Bangor Township Supervisor Glenn Rowley says a change in the winds around 12 a.m. Sunday is what pushed flood waters away from some homes along the Saginaw Bay shoreline.

There are still some homes with damage and some shoreline erosion to contend with but residents say they are glad they still have a home to go to.

Flood water along with debris still fills parts of the area. Residents say living along the shoreline, they're used to dealing with some flooding.

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