Attorney General Schuette throws hat in the ring for 2018 Governor’s race

Current Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announces his run for governor in 2018. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette used his annual Barbeque in Midland to announce his campaign to be the state’s next governor. He made the announcement in front of a packed crowd at the Midland County Fairground on Tuesday afternoon. Schuette pledged to make Michigan a growth state, a paycheck state, and a jobs state if elected. He also promised to push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Schuette did take a softer tone when asked about fighting against same sex marriage, and immigration.

“My job is to defend the constitution and it doesn’t matter what the provision is. Everybody in this state, and in the nation, deserves to be treated with dignity, grace, respect, and honor,” Schuette says.

However not everyone who was in Midland was on board with the possibility of Schuette sitting in the governor’s office. Progress Michigan Executive Director Lonnie Scott says the candidates track record on those issues doesn’t match with what he’s saying now.

“He has been on the wrong side of history for all of those issues. For DACA, for LBGT rights, for same sex marriage. He has wasted tax dollars fighting against those things. I think he’s got the potential to set the state even further back from where we are right now,” Scott says.

Schuette now joins Dr. Jim Hines, of Saginaw, and Senator Pat Colbeck, of Canton, as the only Republican candidates so far in the field.

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