Artist wants to turn empty water bottles into clothing at a New York fashion show

Millions of plastic water bottles used by Flint residents could end up making a major fashion statement in New York. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Millions of bottles of water have been used by Flint residents as the water crisis continues. But what to do with those empty water bottles was a problem that New York Artist Mel Chin is figuring out. For the next few weeks a trailer will be filled with those empty bottles and shipped to a recycling facility in North Carolina. The plastic will be turned into a fabric which can then be made into sportswear, swimsuits, and jackets. But residents in Flint will also play a big part in making that happen. The product line will be called Flint Fit. The clothing line will be designed by famous fashion designer Tracy Reese. One of Reese’s designs was worn by former first lady Michelle Obama during the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Once the designs are completed, the fabric will be sent to Flint and it will be assembled at St. Luke’s N.E.W. Life Center by women who are learning skills in the centers sewing program. Artist David Chin who is helping organize the project says it is an amazing collaboration and it would only work if the people of Flint were involved.

“It’s about something empty like water bottles fulfilling the potential of jobs and manufacturing which have been lost. This project would only work with the people in this city. All of the designs will be related to water like water proof clothes. Then having the people finish all of the designs in Flint is what makes this a very amazing opportunity,” Chin says.

The designs will be displayed during on the runway in a fashion show at the Queens Museum in Queens, New York. The show is expected to happen in April of 2018. A show in Flint will be scheduled also.

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