Antibullying campaigns may not be enough to curb problem

A student and parents attended a protest in old town Saginaw to call attention to bullying. (Photo Credit: Joel Feick)

SAGINAW, Mich. --Michigan has the biggest bullying problem in the country, according to

While our state has an Ok to Say campaign to curb the problem, for some students, it isn't enough.

That's why a middle school student from the Carrollton School District, 12-year-old Kimberly Teneyuque is speaking out.

She attended a protest in old town Saginaw to call attention to bullying and claims she's endured four years of it and wants parents and especially educators to know it's not ok.

Her father has started a Facebook group to improve laws to create new rules to make it tougher for bullies and a sister group has also formed in Mount Morris all to help prevent more kids from being hurt.

The superintendent of the Carrollton Schools didn't return NBC25/FOX66’s Joel Feick’s calls, but on their website we noticed a prominently displayed a no bullying tab, where respondents can anonymously report someone who they believe is bullying.

This problem knows no boundaries.

Kimberly’s dad Alberto wants to change state laws to prevent more students from being bullied.

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