Alleged Flint airport attacker: ‘I hope he dies’

    FBI Special Agent Elreda said alleged airport stabber Ftouhi appeared disappointed he didn’t successfully complete his mission to kill and be killed. (FBI via AP)

    FLINT, Mich. -- Amor Ftouhi's mission was to kill United States Government officials back in June 2017 at Flint’s Bishop International Airport, according to testimonies.

    On the third day of Ftouhi’s trial, several federal agents, who responded to the attack and conducted his interrogation, gave their testimonies.

    A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who searched Ftouhi’s home in Montreal, also took the stand.

    Testimonies revealed Ftouhi was struggling with his finances and his marriage prior to the attack.

    He told investigators he was feeling “hopeless”.

    During the interrogation, Special Agent Shadi Elreda said Ftouhi asked him if the officer he stabbed had died.

    When Elreda told him he didn’t know, that’s when he said Ftouhi put his head down, started to cry and said, “I hope he dies.”

    Elreda said Ftouhi appeared to be disappointed that he didn’t successfully complete his mission, as a soldier of Allah; therefore, he asked Elreda to shoot him multiple times during the interrogation, according to Elreda.

    When asked why Ftouhi didn’t use a car or bomb in the attack, Elreda said Ftouhi told him he didn’t want to hurt “innocent civilians”.

    While Ftouhi said he had zero communication with al-Qaida or ISIS, he told Elreda he was a follower of Osama bin Laden and celebrated the attacks on the U.S. on September 11.

    Testimonies supported the fact Ftouhi’s religion fueled his attack.

    Elreda said Ftouhi wanted all Muslims to see what he did and “not be afraid to act against the enemy”.

    He said that was his reasoning behind conducting his attack at an international airport –he wanted the world to see.

    As for the significance of the day he chose to attack, Elreda said it was on “The Night of Power” during the Muslim’s holy month of Ramadan.

    Ftouhi told investigators he picked that day because he believed he would be more successful in his mission and have a better chance to get to heaven.

    Prior to going to Bishop, he said he attended a few mosques in Flint.

    Investigators learned more about Ftouhi’s journey from Canada to the U.S. by searching the van he left in the parking lot at the airport.

    Officials testified that they found a machete, along with a GPS and a list of gun and knife shows in Michigan.

    Federal agents said they also gained access to Ftouhi’s phone and tablet in which they found a number of videos, showing how to disarm someone and quickly reload a firearm.

    During the interrogation, Ftouhi said he couldn’t purchase a gun because he wasn’t a U.S. citizen; therefore, he changed his plan.

    Elreda said he planned to stab and kill Neville, then steal his gun and shoot other U.S. government officials.

    The Canadian officer, who assisted in the search of Ftouhi’s apartment in Montreal, said there were no guns found inside the home.

    However, they did find a safe with a will inside, titled “Amor Ftouhi’s testament to his family and Muslims in general”.

    In the will, Ftouhi wrote in Arabic that he loved his wife of 20 years, but he loved Allah and the Jihad more.

    He also told his three kids to listen to their mother, memorize the Koran, pay their bills on time and to mourn him no longer than three days.

    Ftouhi said they would meet again in heaven and that this [his mission] is what Muslims are born for.

    He is charged with three crimes, including an act of terrorism.

    Testimonies will continue tomorrow, Nov. 9.

    The government said Lt. Jeff Neville, the officer Ftouhi stabbed, may testify then if time permits.


    Bishop Airport accused stabber heads to trial Nov. 6

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