AECOM answers Flint City Council questions, MDEQ no show to hearing

    AECOM answers Flint City Council questions, MDEQ no show to hearing

    The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality was a no show ata Flint City Council hearing.

    The council subpoenaed them to learn more about how state funds are being used for pipe replacement.

    Since the MDEQ didn't show, project manager AECOM was front and center.

    They're in charge of a five million dollar contract for Flint's FAST Start Service Line Replacement Program.

    But the meeting also came with plenty of conflict.

    A familiar sight at Flint City Council meetings: two councilmembers walking out after butting heads with Eric Mays.

    Meanwhile AECOM answered several questions.

    They include how the company keeps track of invoices.

    How it's choosing locations in the city to dig for lead pipes.

    And how they're using a University Of Michigan Flint model to figure out where more pipes could be located.

    “The university model is groundbreaking it’s a very well-founded model but it doesn't mean it’s the tool that should direct where we should explore solely,” Alan Wong from AECOM said.

    We spoke with several city councilmembers who say they're not surprised the MDEQ didn't show up, Saying the MDEQ represents the state's interests even though they're supposed to oversee what's best for the community.

    We did reach out to the MDEQ and are waiting to hear back.

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