Activist ups pressure against Flint NAACP

    Community activist Quincy Murphy is leading a boycott against the Flint NAACP's Freedom Fund Dinner. (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)<p>{/p}

    FLINT, Mich. - The NAACP's Freedom Fund Dinner is a time to acknowledge the work and contributions of community members; but the Flint Branch’s upcoming gala could be overshadowed by controversy surrounding its vice president, A.C. Dumas.

    Last October, he wrote on Facebook that he would not support Dana Nessel's candidacy for Michigan Attorney General, “because she is gay.”

    "So, not only did we ask for him to resign, we asked the executive board to remove him, if he didn't resign within 60 days,” said community activist Quincy Murphy of Flint.

    Dumas did not resign and he was not removed.

    Now, four months later, Murphy hopes protesting the freedom fund dinner will make that happen.

    "Because if we don't deal with it, right now; they're going to feel that it's okay to have a vice president that go out here and speak against a person running for office, because they're gay and they can still serve as the vice president. That's sending a bad message to this community."

    Murphy, previously served on the City of Flint’s Charter Review Commission, is requesting that people boycott the dinner. State Rep. Sheldon Neeley, D-Flint, agreed.

    "We are of like thinking when it comes to against discrimination and bias of any kind; and equally, I was offended by some of the comments made by the vice president of the NAACP.”

    The lawmaker is a member of the NAACP. He emphasized that he is not against the civil rights organization, but he wants them to revisit the issue with dialogue.

    "Everybody has freedom of speech, but you should not be able to use freedom of speech when it talks about non-inclusion, hurting and disparaging comments," he said.

    The Flint Branch NAACP has previously stated that the vice president does not speak for the organization. Murphy said that is not enough.

    "Those comments is bringing a bad name to the NAACP that got a rich history for fighting for civil rights."

    Murphy said he and other protesters will make their presence known when the NAACP and its guests gathers for the dinner on March 9.

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