19 months later, Freeland family reunited with dog

19 months later and a Freeland family is reunited with their dog Maggie. (WEYI/ WSMH)

For 19 months, a family of nine has been incomplete.

But luckily, with the help of some good Samaritans, the mini golden doodle Maggie made her way back to her family.

Seeing her Friday, surrounded by her family, it was almost like she never left.

It has been more than a year-and-a-half since Maggie has had a good belly rub from her family and got treated like a queen.

"I cried and I yelled for her outside, but she wasn't there," one of the Grzegorczyk girls said.

The family was devastated.

"But yeah she was gone, no trace for 19 months, until yesterday we got the call," mom Jillian Grzegorczyk said.

When they got the call Thursday, Jill said they went to the Saginaw County Animal Care and Control Center to pick up Maggie.

At first, Maggie seemed timid and unsure.

But once she was able to get a whiff of her family, it suddenly clicked.

"It's great for me to see how happy it's made my kids to finally have their pet home," Jillian said. "That's the part that gets emotional for me is seeing them happy again."

The family said thank you to the strangers who bribed Maggie with cheeseburgers, got her in the car and eventually got her home.

They said the microchip was a big reason they were able to get Maggie back and they encourage other families to get their furry friend micro-chipped as well.

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