13-year-old boy battles cancers for the third time in two years

13-year-old Xavier Escamilla is battling cancer for the third time in two years. (Escamilla Family)

A Montrose teen is fighting for his life for the third time.

13-year-old Xavier Escamilla was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia three times in the past two years.

His most recent diagnosis will send him to the hospital for a majority of his summer vacation.

"I like to go out for ice cream, play games, swim,” Xavier said.

Like many teen boys, Xavier likes to sit on the couch and play video games, but his reason for sitting here all day is different.

"He's not feeling well,” his mom, Prescilla Escamilla said. “As we're talking, his cancer's spreading. It's pumping out baby cancer cells all over."

Just the other week, Prescilla said Xavier called her from school, saying he didn’t feel well.

She said she thought it was just a bug that he caught from the other kids.

But after some tests, she said the doctor told her the words she was afraid she'd hear.

“I never want to hear those words, ‘The cancer's come back,’” she said. “I just went into tears. Because it's a nightmare.”

Xavier was first diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia back in August 2016.

Prescilla said the survival rate is only 11 percent.

This is Xavier’s third time fighting, so he's no stranger to the pokes and prods and chemotherapy.

"It's frustrating with the hair because it falls out and you're always so sick,” Xavier said.

Prescilla is a single mother of five, but she said she does everything in her power to be there for Xavier.

“[The] throwing up and skin burning and all that,” she said. “I see children in the hospital that do that alone. I don't want my son to do that alone."

Xavier will be admitted into the hospital this Thursday.

Doctors are still working on his treatment plan, but they said he can be there up to 18 months.

Prescilla said she will more than likely must quit her job and doesn't have a reliable car to get to the hospital in Ann Arbor.

But she said she is going to keep fighting, just like Xavier.

If you're interested in helping the family, click here for a link to their GoFundMe.

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