What's in your pet's treats?


There is nothing better than something homemade- even if that "something" is dog treats.

Treats are what you might call a dog's love language, and Doggie Delights, in Davison, takes that love to a whole new level.

"They are stirred, cut out, put on a pan, homemade," says owner Luginia Srygley.

A casual conversation launched Doggie Delights, "I was just taking a walk with a friend and we were talking about the need and demand for dog treats that were safe for dogs. We are both dog owners and we decided to give it a try."

Not only are the ingredients made right in the kitchen but, Lugina tells me, they're all natural, "Fresh and natural ingredients, right from the kitchen. chopped parsely, chopped carrots, steamed sweet potatoes. those types of things."

In fact, based on the labels, these dog treats have healthier ingredients than the snacks most humans eat, "All the ingredients are listed on the back, they are easy to read, so you know exactly what your dog is getting. You could actually eat them yourself."

Not only are these free of some of the preservatives and chemicals in a lot of pet treats, but Luginia can tailor Doggie Delights to a pet's specific needs, "If they're looking for vegan treats, lowfat treats, something that's beneficial for a special kind of diet. Even if we have people who are looking for higher protein treats, we are able to help them find those."

And, they are actually delicious (yes, I tried them.) Luginia even keeps a record of what clients buy- to help keep track of their pets' favorites.

You can find out more about Doggie Delights here.

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