Simple, homemade treats for your pets

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Our pets show us so much love, why not do the same for them, by whipping up a batch of homemade treats.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dietitian Grace DeRocha whipped batches of dog and cat treats for us. There were only 4 ingredients in the cat treats.

"They're tuna and cheese," Grace says, "So, I used parmesan, and some tuna and an egg, and just a little bit of flour."

Grace says make sure you use wheat flour whenever you make treats for your pets, "If you can, use whole wheat flour. Just like us, we want them to have a flour that has more fiber, and is healthier for them than all purpose flour."

The dog treats took only three ingredients.

"You can make them any size you want. And this is just a peanut butter, and egg, and flour," Grace says.

So, actually, a human could eat these treats?

"Yes. You could try either of them. What's interesting is that for both cats and dogs, they don't really have to taste sweet, so you don't have to add sugar. So for us, it's not going to be sweet."

I tried one and, as Grace put it, "It's like a peanutbutter cookie, without any sweetness."

I don't think I would try them again, but my dogs sure loved Grace's treats.

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