Puppies! At work!

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Imagine you're at work, having a rough day, then some one comes in with puppies. It could happen. There is a local shelter delivering little doggies to businesses, for a dose of pet therapy.

Getting employees enthused about special events is part of Kristen Brisbin's job. Of course, she had a powerful secret weapon to insure this great turnout.

"We actually walked one of the puppies around to our employees and everyone just trampled us up here, and couldn't wait to pet one of the cute little buggars up here, and just get a good feeling today," Kristen says.

The Humane Society of Genesee County's director, is thrilled to launch their new pet therapy campaign at Financial Plus's Flint headquarters.

"We always get so excited when we get puppies and kittens in. And we kind of take it for granted," Ruth Cantor says, "And we wanted to start a program where we could share some of the love with the community."

The new program, called "Think Pawsitive", brings regular pet therapy to area businesses.

"Right now, we have three that have reservations, so we're really excited about that," Ruth says.

The HSGC's goal is to get more busniesses signed up for regular visits.

The program, Ruth tells me, benefits everyone involved, "It increases the stress reducing hormone, oxytocin, when you spend time with an animal and pet an animal. So it's good for employers, for the staff, for the animals. So, it really is a win-win for everybody."

Kristen says the credit union is always looking for ways to boost employee morale, "I think it's one of those things that is a wellness thing for our employees. We are really committed to our employees and we want to see them happy and prosper, so this is one of those things that's a pick me up for the day."

Of course, Ruth says, the animals get plenty of love, attention and playtime, "And maybe find them good homes. The animals we'll be bringing will all be available for adoption."

Fnancial Plus also donated $500 and pet supplies, just to sweeten the deal-

"We're very committed to the Humane Society, Financial Plus always supports them. And we're glad to have them here," Kristen says.

The support is much appreciated, since the Humane Society relies on donations. But Ruth stresses, donations are not required, for businesses to participate in "Think Pawsitive".

"If they'd like to, that's great. If they're not able to, that's fine too. We still want to be able to share the animals with the community."

For more information about Think Pawsitive, visit the Humane Society of Genesee County's website.

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