Lone survivor in animal abuse case doing well

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It's hard to imagine, but little Coco was part of a cruelty case that had the whole community horrified. and now, she's getting her health back and a chance at a great future."

Coco has spent the last two weeks at The Humane Society of Genesee County, happily frolicking and loving life.

"An absolutely wonderful temperment on her. As sweet as can be,: says the HSGC's Lin Holmes, of Coco.

Holmes adds it's pretty amazing, when you consider Coco's life before she got here, "She beat the odds, especially where she came from. She was one of three that beat the odds."

Coco- severely underweight, her bones clearly visible- was one of three dogs, left to starve in their own filth, in a Flint basement.

"These dogs suffered," Holmes says, "They did suffer."

One of the dogs Coco lived with was already dead when they were discovered. The other, a tan female dog was barely clinging to life.

"That dog was actually in complete organ failure," and Holmes says, they could not save her.

"Sometimes they are so far gone that you can't bring them back."

The dogs' original owners, Jennifer Koos and Martell Dyke, now face several animal abuse charges. They could each spend up to four years in prison.

Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell says no one should have to live the way these dogs did, "You know sometimes, animals come into the care of people who shouldn't have animals, just as some children have parents that shouldn't have children either."

Coco is now coming back. She has gained a lot of weight in her two weeks here. She's playful, loving, and dreaming of her future furever home.

"She still has a few pounds to put on," Holmes says, "To get her to a healthy weight, because you can still feel the backbones, the hip bones. "

The process of bringing a dog back from this type of neglect is often complex, and can take weeks or even months, if there is organ damage.

Holmes says they have to learn how to eat all over again, "They get fed several times a day, small meals. Because if you put a big bowl of food in front of them, they'll just eat that whole bowl of food and not be able to keep it down. That's not good for them either."

Cases like this are, sadly, not unusual. But, there are things you can do, especially if you suspect a friend, relative, or neighbor's pet is suffering abuse and/or neglect. Report it right away.

"This does not have to happen to animals," Holmes says, "In this day in age, there are so many places you can reach out to."

Llittle miss Coco is a bundle of fun. She'll be up for adoption soon at the Humane Society of Genesee County.

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