Is your pet getting all of the right vaccines?

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Warmer weather is getting closer, which means our pets will be spending more time outdoors. This is an important time to make sure your pet us up to date on vaccinations.

Michigan law requires the Rabies vaccine every three years for adult dogs. Dystemper is another vaccine, that protects dogs from respiratory viruses.

Dog flu and bordatella, or kennel cough, are two other important respiratory vaccinations available for your pet. Make sure you ask your pet if these are included in the vaccinations your pet has scheduled.

Parvo virus is a serious, and potentially deadly, infection that can be prevented by a vaccine. This is another one to ask your vet about.

If you have a real outdoorsy dog, you may consider the Lyme Disease vaccine. This is not a standard vaccination, so you'll want to ask your pet about this one.

You should also use flea and tick preventative monthly.

Heartworm preventative is another important monthly medication for pets. Spread my mosquitoes, heartworm is life-threatening. Your pet should also have a heartworm test every year.

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