Halloween.... it's not just for humans

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Dress your pet up for Halloween? You betcha! You can go simple, with a candy corn collar or, you can go all the way.

More pet parents are making the investment because, seriously, what's cuter than a dog in a Halloween costume?

"They sell like crazy. i usually sell out of the big sizes really early," says Rhonda McGraw of Flint's Pet Smart.

You'll see a lot of pets decked out as sports fans this year, Rhonda says, "We have some Lions... stuff like that.. and they are pretty popular."

Rhonda says super heroes are also huge this year, "Super heros are very popular this year."

If you are looking for a specific costume, get going, because some of the most popular ones are selling out.

"We did sell out of the hot dogs," Rhonda says, "And we had ones with little legs on the side, so they looked like horse-back riders. we sold out of those pretty early."

The sky is really the limit, from centipedes to sushi rolls- and people take this seriously.

If you are wondering what size your little pal will wear, it usually goes by weight- but there is always another option here at Pet Smart.

"Typically, we can tell you pretty close to what they're going to wear. but you can bring them in," Rhonda says, "Try on lots of costumes, and have fun with it."

Buyer beware, however. If your pet doesn't like normal clothes, they most likely won't be too keen on sporting a costume, either.

There are doggie costume contests popping up everywhere, including Pet Smart. There will be costume contests the next two weekends, at the Flint location on Miller Road, along with a chance to trick or treat.

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