Cat season starts now, time to adopt

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Humane Society of Genesee County executive director, Ruth Cantor, has an announcement to make, "There are five seasons: Winter, spring, summer, fall, and cat season, which is my favorite."

It comes around every year about this time. More cats and kittens roamin the streets.

It all adds up to full shelters, she says, "We're over-run with pregnant cats, cats with babies, orphaned kittens. And so, we rely on our fosters to help us make sure those animals have the best start at life. And, once they're old enough, we have them spayed or neutered, offer them for adoption."

Kittens are not that hard to adopt out. The trouble is, that leaves a lot of older cats out in the cold.

Ruth says, any adult animal, especially if they're older, is more difficult to adopt out, "Because people are concerned that they are going to fall in love with a cat, bring it home, and it might not have as long a life."

Giving an older cat a home is a wonderful gift, a loving home for the last years of their life.

Adult cats are actually a better choice for a lot of people, Ruth tells me, "You know its personality. You know what its behavior will be. You know how big it will get. You know whether it gets along with children."

And, contrary to popular belief, a kitten may not be your cuddliest choice, either.

"A lot of the time, people want a real cuddly cat that will just sit on their lap, while they read the newspaper and drink their cup of coffee. a kitten is not that animal," Ruth says, "Nor is a two year old cat. They're still full of a lot of energy. So, a senior cat fits into the lifestyle of a lot of people."

Even if you are not ready to adopt, there is something you can do to help control the increasing problem of cat over-population- make sure your cat is spayed or neutered..

"All of the animals that are adopted from the Humane Society, leave here when they are spayed or neutered," Ruth says, "We don't allow them to go to their adoptive homes until they are spayed or neutered. "

This Sunday, April 22, the Humane Society of Genesee County hosts it's Paws on Parade champaign brunch fundraiser. NBS25 and FOX66 are proud media sponsors. I am honored to, for the 13th time, serve as emcee.

For more information about the event, visit the HSGC's website.

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