Accupuncture.... it's not just for humans


Accupuncture for your pet?

Absolutely, says Lynette Baumann, whose dog, Oswald has kidney problems.

The Baumanns used accupunture as part of another pet's cancer treatment, "So when we saw how much that helped our dog that had the nasal cancer, a few years ago, we believed- we started to believe in it."

Doctors at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services in Bloomfield Township, turn to accupuncture to help treat a variety of diseases.

"Kidney failure, chronic diarhhea, and then orthopedic issues, like hip displasia, chronic arthritic pain, different things like that," says Dr. Erin Bannink.

Accupuncture, Bannink says, is also used to compliment other cancer treatments, "Cancer related issues like decreased appetite, decreased energy level, to support the immune system."

Accupuncture is believed to improve how the body heals and functions by stimulating specific acupuncture points. That's where the- eek- needles come in.

Dr. Bannink says it doesn't seem to phase most animals, "Most dogs do surprisingly well, as far as laying still that's the biggest concern people have."

If your pet isn't quite as relaxed as Oswald however, there are other ways to do this.

"We can do accupressure, or some laser treatment of the accupuncture points for those pets," Bannink says.

If your pet suffers anxiety or other emotional problems, accupuncture may help there, too.

"Acupuncture can certainly be used to treat anxiety," Bannink says, "I usually use herbal medications to treat that problem, becasue it's something you can use at home on a regular basis."

From herbs, to accupuncture, East is meeting West, with success in some vets offices.

"It's something we just know it helps people, it helps dogs, it helps all sorts of animals," Baumann says.

For more information about accupuncture and other alternative therapies at OVRS, visit their website.

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