Zumba is still filling classes

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If you just can't find a workout that you like, why not just dance?

Zumba has been around since the 1990's, and the classes still fill up- with good reason.

Becoming a Zumba instructor changed Romina Sweetman's life, "I wasn't even here in the US for about two-three years, and I was ready to go back to Mexico. I missed my family so much. And then, coming here and and enjoying this music with people and sharing my culture that made me so much happy."

When it started back in Colombia, back in the 90's, Zumba changed a lot of lives, by transforming exercise into something entirely different.

"All of the moves that we do, they are dancing," Romina says, "But when we are doing salsa sides, that is a squat. When you are doing salsa back, that is a lunge. You just add some flavor on it and you make it spicy and dancy."

Those spicy, dancy moves had Romina's teaching partner, Angela Creguer, hooked the first time she tried it, "I loved it. And I knew right when I took my first class that I wanted to teach it. so, I pursued it, and I've been in love ever since."

Angela and Romina have helped dozens of students, like Maria Dupinet, get lost in the music, "I got to do this just wanting to lose weight and found something that really- I would do it just for fun."

The 60 minute classes at Genesys Athletic Club are a complete workout- heart pumping, muscle toning, sweat inducing.

But, Maria says, there is more, "Really, you look at yourself in the mirror every now and then, and you think you don't look so bad."

Zumba builds confidence, and offers a rhythmic escape, Angela says, "You're not a mom. You're not a wife. You're not an employee. For one hour you let it all out."

But, what if you're not a dancer?

"You don't have to be a dancer," Romina says.

In fact, Angela tells me, you don't even have to be coordinated, "We try to stick to the same playlist. So the routines become easier. And nobody cares. Nobody's watching the person next to you. We're just having fun."

And, Romina says, changing a few lives, "People come with tears and say, 'you know what, thank you, because this is the bright part of my day.'"

Angela tells me you can burn 600 to 800 calories in one class session.

You do not have to be a member at Genesys Athletic Club to take the fitness classes, but there is a per-visit charge. You'll find more information here.

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