What to eat on the keto diet


Keto is the hot new diet craze. The diet is low carb, high fat and protein. It is a little different from similar diet plans, however.

We asked Grace Derocah, RDN, Blue Cross Blue shield to break down the Keto rules for us.

"It's almost no carb," Grace sasy, "So the ketogenic diet, which is very interesting, was originally created for children with epilepsy, to help reduce seizures."

How does that work?

"So, what you're doing is you're putting your body in a state of ketosis," Grace says, "In essence, why this has become popular, is you aren't using glucose for energ. You're using your stored fat. "

What can you eat?

"It's a high fat, adequate protein, very low carbohydrate diet. So, you can see, there's meat... lotsa meat," Grace says, "Lotsa fat. "

Avocado and cheese are on the yes list with keto.

But, a lof of the things you can't have on keto are foods most of us consider healthy.

"Only 5 to 10 percent of your calories can come from carbs. Meaning, about a handful of cashews, or one slice of bread a day," Grace says, "A lot of carb foods come from dairy, fruits, our beans, our legumes, quinoa, whole grains. "

Even come of the most diet-friendly foods are around are on keto's "eat very little" list.

"Our vegetables that are very low in carbohydrates, you'd be very limited in how much you could have," Grace says.

Beverages are also very limited on the keto plan. No coffee or alcohol, either.

What happens once you've lost the weight, especially if you go back to a normal, healthy diet?

Grace says, "You would probably gain it all back."

"I remind people, if you're on a new diet every year, is it really working," Grace asks, "So, think about that and instead, build some healthy habits."

Don't forget, no matter which diet plan you choose, exercise is a must.

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