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If you're sick and you can't get to your regular doctor, an urgent care clinic can sure come in handy. But, "urgent" doesn't always mean "quick"; and you can spend hours in a waiting room. Now Covenant Healthcare is changing that at its Medexpress clinics.

It's the number one complaint about any medical waiting room, "The wait. The wait. People complain about a wait," says Covenant's Barb Laking, RN.

Barb says Covenant's six Medexpress clinics are now desgined to take the wait out of... waiting rooms. This is all thanks to a new application.

"It's called 'Clockwise'," Barb Says, "And it's like an online registration system, but it also helps monitor our wait times."

It helps potential Medexpress patients in a couple of ways.

First, Barb says, "From the convenience of your home or your mobile smart phone, you can check the wait times at all of our urgent care Medexpress clinics."

So, you'll know where the wait will be shorter. But, this app also makes it so you don't have to do all of your waiting in the waiting room.

"You can decide to sign in right then online and you hold your spot in line," Barb says.

You'll also know when it's your turn, even if you aren't sitting in the waiting room, Barb says, "If you sign in on your mobile phone, you'll actually get a text that says 'It's time for you to come and sign in.'"

If you get there a little early, you'll also know where you fall in line, courtesy of a large monitor in the waiting room,.

Barb says patients absolutely love it, "Six months we've been using it. It's been very well recieved by the public."

Clockwise also helps the clinic staff, Barb says, "It lets us know pre-emptively, how many people are looking at our locations. And it lets us monitor our wait times as well, and so we can do some internal goal-setting and bench-marking."

The clockwise app is available through Covenant's website. You can also download it on your phone. For more information click here.

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