Using expired makeup?

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The first thing you should do, when you buy new makeup, especially anything creamy or wet, like foundation, look at the lable.

Donna Hewitt of Ulta Beauty, in Flint, says it should have an expiration date, "And it tells you on every package. It'll say, like 24 months from the time it's opened. It shows a little 'opened' package, and then it will tell you on each package, how long it's good."

Products with SPF in them, tend to break down a little faster, but, the rule of thumb is up to six months for wet products.

Mascara can get a little germy and tend to dry out so, Donna says, "Mascaras, about four to six months. You know, if they last that long."

When should you toss eyeshadows, blushes, and other powdery products?

"When it's out of style," Donna laughs.

Seriously, powdery products are good for a couple of years. But anything wed or for your lips is just another story altogether."

"Most of them do have antibacterial ingredients in them," but, Donna says, lip products can get a little gross, "Lipsticks, those you generally want to get rid of them a little quicker."

Probably the dirtiest things in your makeup bag will be your brushes.

Donna suggests cleaning them often, "Those should be washed every two to four weeks. You can use a daily brush cleanear in between. But, yeah, you wanna get a deep clean, especially if you have natural brushes, because they have pores and will collect and hold bacteria."

Sponges get pretty dirty, too. Clean them after every use.

You should also toss those sponges pretty regularly, too, Donna says, "Those should be used, maybe a month, and tossed- even if you're washing them- because they're porous and they do hold bacteria."

No matter the expiration date, or cleaning schedule, there is one thing Donna says you absolutely should not do with your cosmetics, "Sharing products is probably the worst thing to do."

Finally, if you have a cute makeup bag- even if it isn't all that cute- make sure you are cleaning it, too. No sense having clean tools, if you are just going to store them in something dirty.

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