Traveling with kids, be prepared

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This is probably the most relaxed time of year. When vacation time rolls around, the relaxation shifts into high- or lower- gear. It's also a time when emergencies and accidents can catch a lot of us, particularly busy parents, off guard.

"We tend to take shortcuts maybe in the summer, or going away and not taking precautions we might take at home. Things like taking along their car booster seat, or bringing along their bike helmet; if the bike is coming," says Hurley trauma nurse, Nicole Matthews.

Falls and injuries, she says, are major problems this time of year, "Falls from bicycles, very, very prevalen. Not just concussions, but broken bones."

In fact, kids are even more prone to injury from just about any type of accident in the summer, according to Nicole, "Car seat safety is always an issue. Motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of children."

Some emergencies are more avoidable than others. For example, double check- did you remember your kids' medications? Epipens? Insulin?

"The essential medications and any emergency medications are really important," Nicole adds, "Keeping them with you, not checking them in a bag, if you're taking a flight."

Make sure your kids have the right supplies, if you are going to be around water, too, "Keeping an eye on children near pools- very important. Making sure they are wearing something that is a certified floatation device."

And make sure you have enough sunscreen. Nicole says kids are more susceptible to burns, and less tolerant of heat than adults, "Younger children, they can't thermo-regulate anyhow. And those sunburns can create blisters. It's very, very painful."

Have a first aid kit handy, and make sure it includes tick removal supplies- ticks are bad this year.

It may seem like a pain in the neck, or a lot of extra work, but when it comes to emergencies, that whole "ounce of prevention" saying truly applies.

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