Tech for Mother's Day

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Barbie Shinnabarger, from AT&T has a few zero calorie, super fun, Mother's Day gift ideas for moms on the go.

Samsung launched it's first purple phone. Look for the new S9 Plus and the S9 in this new hue.

"The new S9 has a double camera, to prevent over exposure," Barbie says, "Or, the dark nights, if you have sporting events to take pictures of. And it has really good live focus, for clear shots, if you're taking shots long.

Next up, Apple's air pods.

"I can barely even feel them. They are great for multitaskers. If you're cleaning around the house, you can take phone calls, listen to some music," Barbie says.

They're tiny wireless, ear buds that come in their own charging case- also a great way to prevent losing them.

"You can actually ding your air pods with your phone, so if you do lose them, it will help you find them," Barbie says.

Maybe mom would like a new phone case. They protect the phone and make a nice fashion statement.

Barbie says AT&T has dozens to choose from, "There is floral, and the bling, too. There's more options in stores, but these two are my favorite."

If your mom hates fighting with the charging cord, Barbie says she has the perfect gift, "This is a wireless charging pad. All you have to do is lay your phone on it. And it actually has a fast charge, too, so it will charge faster."

You can also help mom with her health and fitness calls and then some with an iWatch or Samsung's gear.

"You can take phone calls, text messeges, notifications," Barbie says.

Happy Mother's Day, and make sure you get that shopping done before Sunday.

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